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A statistical package based on R providing for setting up downscaling jobs and post-processing the results from empirical-statistical downscaling of local monthly temperature and precipition.

Developed by:
Rasmus E. Benestad,
Benestad (2009) 'Re-calculation of local climate scenarios' note 15/2009 (

The package provides scripts to set up a number of jobs downscaling multi-model ensembles as well as retrieving the results, making plots, in addition to other handy functions. N.B. This R-package has been written to work on internal system, and a number of functions (e.g reading from KDVH) will not work from outside the firewall. The package uses clim.pact as a basis for the computations.

A comprehensive documentation for the package can be found in:

The package itself, comprising R routines, can be found in this file:

New version 1.2-7 uploaded June 17. 2010

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