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Norwegian Service Centre for
Climate Modelling

Project Description 2000-2002

A proposal by The Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Revised 03.10.2000

Project Summary

The Norwegian Service Centre for Climate Modelling (NoSerC) shall support the scientists taking part in Norwegian climate modelling projects. The overall aim of the project is to facilitate efficient climate research in Norway, by providing technical assistance in the areas of data handling and analysis and computational efficiency of climate models. This will be reached through four tasks:

  • Establish a national facility for archiving of climate modelling data;
  • Define formats and develop conversion routines for storage of climate modelling data;
  • Porting and computational optimisation of climate models;
  • Establish a library of data analysis tools.

The centre will be located to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (DNMI) in Oslo, while the equipment for storage of climate data will be located in connection to the main national high performance computer at NTNU in Trondheim.


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