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SLP and T2M 1873-1998

The datasets are the result of the report:

"Analysis of gridded sea level pressure and 2-meter temperature for 1873-1998 based on UEA and NCEP re-analysis II", klima 03/00, R. E. Benestad, DNMI, June 12. 2001,

The report is available here as klima0300.pdf (9.3MB) and also on

The report's introduction states that:

Long time series are essential for empirical climate studies, however, many (incomplete) time series suffer from gaps of missing data and regions with no data coverage. Gridded sea level pressure (SLP) and 2-meter temperature (T2M) for the region 90°W-60°E and 30°N-80°N have been synthesized from different data sets in order to obtain more complete data sets. The synthesis was based on projection (P) (regression analysis) and optimal interpolation (OI) between large-scale spatial patterns derived from the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) reanalysis II product and gridded observations. The end-products are quality controlled data sets with no missing-data gaps.

The data sets consist of two files in netCDF-format stored on /noserc2/extdata/felles/benestad/ and /noserc2/extdata/felles/benestad/ .

An overview of the content of these files can be viewed as output from ncview -c : and .

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