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NOAA AVHRR Pathfinder Satellite Archive 1981-2000

Part of this dataset is now available at NoSerC's data archive at NOTUR.

The dataset at NoSerC's archive contain monthly averaged values of Aerosol Optical Thickness (X100) for the period from September 1981 to December 2000. Data is in a global 1 by 1 degree grid. The data is stored in plain ASCII-format, one file for each month (filename is 'monYY.txt') and placed in directory /noserc2/extdata/felles/noaa/avhrr_pathfinder/aotx100/

For information, an excerpt from oct95.txt is available.

Details about the dataset may also be found at, under AVHRR PATHFINDER.

Selected data can also be graphically displayed at the above adress, see example below:
A sample image from

Frode Stordal ( and Mona Johnsrud ( presently at Norwegian Institute for Air Research ( has made the data available.

Arild Burud (


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